Berlin: Part 2 - graffiti and gay clubs 

Berlin: Part 2 - graffiti and gay clubs 


If you haven't already read Berlin part 1, you can read it here. This post is all about the second half of my recent trip to Berlin!  So where were we... Ahh yes, Saturday. The sun was shining and the skies were blue so we headed off see the iconic TV tower for a panoramic view of the city. The queues were quite ridiculous but having been told that the view was well worth the wait we gritted our teeth and decided to stick it out. (I would highly advise pre booking tickets if you ever want to go here because it would save you a LOT of time and effort!)  

Despite the rave reviews, I would only recommend doing this if you want to spend a considerable amount of time reading about the history of every building you see from the view. We had a lot to fit into the day and so had to whizz round rather quickly bypassing some of the information. And for 10 minutes up top the total 2hrs 40 min wait wasn't exactly worth it! (We left to get food in this time but still...quite excessive.)

Arguably my favourite part of the trip was our visit to the East Side Gallery. A strip of the Berlin Wall that is still standing and that is covered in graffiti and various different artists work. It was so colourful and really impactful to see how something so historically oppressive had been transformed into a key piece of art and modern culture. 

What I'm wearing: Skirt - thrifted from a charity shop for £1.99, camel coat - Topshop, black crop top - Boohoo, trainers - Nike, sunglasses - ASOS, scrunchies - New Look, fishnet tights - Topshop.

  The East Berlin Gallery area had a really cool vibe about it. Lots of people were chilling and drinking by the river with music playing and the whole place just oozed creativity. We headed back to the apartment to grab some food and change before hitting up Bar Saint-Jean, a gay bar in the area. This is where me met Elliot, a lovely American chap who showed us the hotspots, taking us on a spontaneous night out to Schwuz -  a gay club in Neukölln. 

This is where the trip gets a little wild...

The door policy was super chill but the club had an amazing vibe about it - set in quite an industrial venue it boasted different rooms of music from hardcore techno, to house and 80's disco. There were beautiful men EVERYWHERE but sadly most of them were gay as a maypole and so I quickly realised that none of them would succumb to my feminine wiles. The dancefloor was an array of electric energy and camp queens, and we all danced until we could dance no more. 

My highlight of the night was attempting to go for a wee in the ladies but having to wait 45 mins in the queue (45 GODDAMN MINUTES!) because every cubicle was occupied with scantily-clad groups having mass orgies. It was a surreal moment in my life.When I finally made it to pee, I weaved my way among used condoms completely agog at the explicit sexual freedom that surrounded me. At 6:30am we decided to call it quits in the name of breakfast and somehow made our way back on the metro to Rosa-Luxembourg Platz. I found myself cooking pasta at 7am as my post-night out snack. A strangely proud moment in my life - I had survived the hardcore clubbing Berlin experience. I proceeded to crash and woke up on Easter Sunday at 1pm completely delirious.

Slightly hungover and knackered we decided to redeem ourselves with a cultural afternoon.

 We headed to one of Berlin's most beautiful buildings. We were both in agreement that the panoramic view from the Berliner Dom cathedral far exceeded the view from TV tower. There was a 5 minute wait to get into the cathedral and it only cost approx €7 so was considerably cheaper too!   The building was completely breathtaking and we witnessed the choir and the orchestra practising for the Easter Service which was really beautiful in such a decadent venue. We satisfied our Easter chocolate craving with a banana and Nutella crepe - yum! [wpvideo dGMtKKZI] 

Monday was spent roaming around the Jewish Memorial but sadly as it was bank holiday the museum was closed so we could only have a look around the structures outside. I would advise going on a day when the museum is open as although it was really powerful walking around, being able to read up about the awful atrocities would make for a more emotionally involved, reflective experience. In the afternoon we also visited the huge Berlin zoo. 

Our time in Berlin was so incredible and we were genuinely sad to leave. I wouldn't hesitate to go back there as there's so much to see and do. We had so many laughs with all the crazy experiences along the way and I'm glad to have these photos to look back on in time to come.

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