Food Glorious Food

Food Glorious Food

Feast your eyes on this lot... Having eaten out at a great new local pub recently, I thought today's post would be a celebration of delicious grub. My family and I visited The Bunch of Grapes - a French bistro style pub in Bradford on Avon - a couple of weeks back, and our meal was so gorgeous that I just simply had to share it with you all!

To start we shared the Spring Vegetable Tartine with beetroot houmous, feta, peas and sundried tomatoes and the sweet potato fritters with smoked garlic aioli - so tasty and so so colourful! dsc08444dsc08445

For mains my sister tucked into a hearty bowl of Moules Frites with chorizo, garlic and parsley, whilst I feasted on the Faux Fillet Steak frites, chargrilled over wood and served with a side salad and french fries. The rents also tucked into steaks - (we're a rather carnivorous bunch).


The wine list was a little limiting, as they had run out of a fair few bottles that I'd typically go for (I'm a fan of the full-bodied, oaky types!) however we shared a carafe of house red - a light grape with red fruit flavours (I think it was called Carignan - Coteaux de l'Alaric). I could see why this one was on the cheaper side of the menu but if there's a glass of vino plonked in front of me, the likelihood is that i'll drink it regardless. And I did. (Unless it's Chardonnay... in which case, no thank you!)


The portion size of the first two courses was just right and "just a little look" at the dessert menu suddenly turn into everyone having puddings. And they were bloody good!

My sis ordered the crème brûlée (quelle surprise - it's her go-to dish!) and chocaholic me went straight in for a chocolate mousse style dessert topped with desiccated coconut and pistachio shavings (oo-er). The pineapple sorbet that came with it was an absolute taste sensation and I tried my best to nibble a bit of the (homemade?) honeycomb without breaking a tooth.


The tarte tatin was also a sight to behold and beautifully presented - I was able to steal a quick pic before it was demolished!dsc08450

We sat in the upstairs restaurant which was tastefully decorated with muted, sage greens and greys and those huge filament lightbulbs that all of a sudden are so in. The two adjoining rooms made the atmosphere more cosy and snug rather than being a huge open-plan space and the overall feel was relaxed and pleasant with a few other tables chattering away in the background.

The waiting staff though very polite were perhaps a little too over attentive and kept doing what I would call "drive bys" to check if we had finished, which was fairly obvious due to the small space. However the overall experience was very good and I'd definitely recommend The Bunch of Grapes to anyone looking for a little more than the standard pub grub. dsc08451dsc08452

Definitely more refined than a few of the other pubs in BOA, it boasts an exquisite menu and cosy atmosphere. It's also a lovely pub to go to if you fancy just a drink, with a downstairs bar area dedicated to more casual visits if that's what you're after. Pat yourselves on the back The Bunch of Grapes, I'll be spreading the word far and wide!



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