For the love of boobs (and bralets!)

For the love of boobs (and bralets!)


Happy Wednesday gals and guys! I hope you're having a lovely week so far! What a gloriously sunny day it is today. I'm staring out at blue skies on my lunch break wishing I had a piña colada in reach... though I don't think my boss would appreciate that somehow. In celebration of this mini heatwave I thought I'd share my current obsession: bralets. Being a relatively small-boobed gal myself, 30C to be exact, I have spent years wearing padded, push up bras in attempt to flaunt more "voluptuous melons" than "flat pancakes". I have contoured a cleavage, used padding in various forms (once a sock sufficed...) 

That was, until I discovered the sheer bliss of the Calvin Klein crop top. With a thick under-boob band, this bad boy gave just enough support to stop the gals from flying off at all angles, without the chafing of underwires or the discomfort of rigid straps. My boobs were in bralet heaven, freed from a life of being forced in unnatural directions and imprisoned by metal underwires.

You can shop the look here for £30 at Urban Outfitters! 

It was then that my bralet obsession took off, as I started shopping around for different styles.

Lacy love:

This Kimichi Blue (@ urban outfitters) lace number is particularly pretty and I now have it in three colours: black, cream and light blue. You can shop it here for £22!

Finding tops which show off the beautiful racer-back detail is a stunning, flirty look which was perfect for date-night! This bralet is quite long though so could definitely be worn by itself with some high waisted jeans or a skirt on a balmy summer's evening.

Dreamy in Denim:

This Topshop bralet is an oldie but a goody. I reinvented it with a vintage skirt which I picked up for a few quid in a charity shop. With no need to wear a bra, my boobs are sitting pretty (but not droopily!) due to the cupped design and the snug fit of the material. The zip does undo all the way though - so it's not best worn in the presence of small children but can be a nice surprise if you're looking to unleash the beasts on an unsuspecting partner... 

Of course we should celebrate boobs of all shapes and sizes, and the great thing about bralets is that they come in a huge range of different designs. It's just a question of finding what works for you! 

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Bisous ma chérie!



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