"Fashion Changes, But Style Endures" - Coco Chanel.

"Fashion Changes, But Style Endures" - Coco Chanel.


We all aspire to be stylish, but what we often forget is that being stylish doesn't necessarily equate to being fashionable. A sense of style cannot be achieved simply by mimicking haute couture or high street trends. So what is style exactly?

To me, style is vastly different to fashion. It's a form of personal expression, an insight into your personality and an important part of how you sculpt your identity as an individual. Style is not simply the clothes you sling on your back, but rather the attitude and character that motivates what you choose to wear. Style is your ability to create an identity of your choice through the medium of clothes, accessories and makeup, and therefore it is very empowering.

Fashion is more preoccupied with identifying with a collective. Being "fashionable" suggests that you keep up to date with what's in the shops, and take steer from other people's dictations of what to wear, to sculpt your outfit. It is also preoccupied with time - as an ever-changing external aesthetic. In the words of Coco Chanel, "Fashion is made to become unfashionable" - whilst style on the other hand, is eternal. Fashion for the masses, propels itself by playing on the human insecurity of needing to belong to a desirable group. Once something is deemed undesirable or "unfashionable", we clamber onto the next must-have.

Don't get me wrong - I love reading Vogue mags and shopping in Topshop and Urban Outfitters as much as the next girl - however I feel that having an individual sense of style is more valuable, more interesting and less materialistic than a desire to keep up with the latest trends. Knowing your own style and applying this to fashion will put you in good stead, when you come to choosing what will be wearable time and time again. 

Style, of course, can be diverse. You don't have to pigeon-hole youself into a particular look -  I constantly experiment with colour and patterns to keep my look fresh and unpredictable, adding more strings to my bow on the style front. But ultimately I know what I like and I know what works for me.

The following snaps are a few outfits which strike a good balance between fashion and individual style. By mixing unique vintage finds with more current trends, these looks are current and yet eternal - and have a little more depth than your standard "off the shelf" outfit.

Quirky Sunglasses:


These quirky, feline sunglasses take this outfit to the next level. I picked them up for £5 on the Isle of Wight in a vintage boutique. I paired them with this chic, red skirt from Banana Republic and a simple vest top which I tied up at the waist from New Look, they look incredibly stylish!

Leather Weather:

The daring leather gloves from H&M paired with a leather skirt from Urban Renewal look really sassy, but not too over-the-top thanks to the more casual printed tshirt (MissGuided). 

Bright Boyfriend Blazer:

It's all about the boyfriend-fit tailoring with this vintage jacket. Keeping it simple with fitted, monochrome under-layers ensures that it's not "too much", whilst the giant sunnies scream style.

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