The do-it-all bronzer for your travel makeup bag.

If you, like me are a little obsessed with make-up, then you know only too well the struggle when you need to pack 'minimally' for a weekend away or a trip to see friends. You um and arr over which palettes to take, which brushes you can squeeze into your teeny weeny makeup bag and pack and unpack thirteen trillion lipsticks just in case you need to cover all bases.

The Lush Life

Ok... so I had a moment in Lush the other day. I went in for one bath bomb and came out with an accidental haul! Oooops (je ne regrette rien!) As I drove home my car was filled with amazing scents and I couldn't wait to try out my purchases. Here's what I picked up...

Things got a little bit hairy...

You fancy a refresh. A sassy new style. You've worked up to this moment for yonks. Made sure that you're REALLY sure it's what you want... because once you go for the chop, there's no going back. I recently decided to have a pretty hefty chop and go for a bob haircut. After months of mulling it over I was finally brave enough to let my hairdresser cut those luscious locks into a sleek, chin length bob.

My Mac Lippy Collection 

It's a truth universally acknowledged that I'm a sucker for buying lipsticks. My best friend recently exclaimed in horror, "why do you need a whole drawer for lipsticks?!" Whilst I attempted to squeeze my new purchases into the treasure-trove. Here's a collection of my favourite Mac shades.

Sequins and Prosecco Picnics 

Bonsoir tout le monde, I hope everyone is having a lovely Sunday in the sun! This weekend has been looovely and today's post is a rather classy outfit of the day from my picnic in Bath. C'est très chic, with classic culottes, lace and a tapered sequin blazer. 

Sunday Funday: The Importance of "me" Days.

Having had a super busy week at work and a day of doing responsible-adult jobs yesterday (boo, chores are bores), today I fancied a nice day out by myself. Sometimes you just need to take yourself on a lil staycation and have some "me" time, so I got the train into Bath and treated myself to a nice lunch on the rooftop terrace of Hall & Woodhouse. 

Sleek Makeup Haul & Unboxing

Feast your eyes over a few of the bargains I picked up from Sleek! I was casually perusing Instagram last week and saw a photo of the solstice palette which looked divine. After finding out it was only £10, like a woman possessed, I raced onto the Sleek website and popped one in my basket. Here's my first impressions...

LUSH haul - Easter bathbomb bliss

I rationalised an unnecessary LUSH splurge by telling myself that I deserved a treat after a long, gruelling run. The thought of having a lovely bubble bath and relaxing with candles and bath bombs after my exercise-fuelled morning had me splashing the cash on the Easter range!

Pretty Fishtail Plait

Check out this really pretty hairstyle which is surprisingly easy to recreate! Whenever I need a little inspiration for my locks I always look to pinterest for quick, digestible tutorials. This week I wanted to try out a fishtail plait - I've always loved the look and think this hairstyle goes perfectly with all of the boho, floral prints that are so en vogue for SS/16.

OOTN: Hollywood Glam

Today's post is all about those outfits that make you feel a million dollars. We all have those nights where we want to look super sassy, and taking two hours to get ready, whilst drinking wine and singing at the top of your lungs to a great Spotify playlist is all part of the fun!

I got a weave! FAQ's answered!

I've been mulling over various forms of hair extensions for quite some time now. My hair is extremely fine and thin and though it's soft and extremely easy to manage I wanted to try and give it a bit more volume and length with the help of some weave extensions. There's nothing I hate more than fake-looking, poor quality extensions, so I did my research before purchasing the hair!

Pretty 50's twist

Yesterday I went out for breakfast to a lovely local café called Merkins. They do a mean brekky and the interior decor is wonderfully cute, with bunting, quirky flamingo decorations and a cosy fire.  I thought it would be fun to try out this 50's inspired hairstyle in light of the vintage-styled location and think it looks très très jolie! 

Beautiful Burgundy Boots - Unboxing!

Take a little glimpse at a gorgeous new pair of heeled boots that I snapped up in the sales from Clarks. I was super excited to unbox these babies after purchasing in store and was ecstatic to find a pair of boots that are both stylish and comfortable.

Candy Perfume Girl

Let's talk about Marc Jacobs, Decadence. It's a scent I've been hankering after for a while now and this week I finally took the plunge and bought it! I smell so good I think I could probably woo Tom Hardy without saying a word... (Pipe dreams, eh?) Not only was I sucked in by the sexy perfume advert, but the bottle is SO SO beautiful too - I'm still fangirling over it now.