Things got a little bit hairy...

Things got a little bit hairy...


You fancy a refresh. A sassy new style. You've worked up to this moment for yonks. Made sure that you're REALLY sure it's what you want... because once you go for the chop, there's no going back. I recently decided to have a pretty hefty chop and go for a bob haircut. After months of mulling it over I was finally brave enough to let my hairdresser cut those luscious locks into a sleek, chin length bob.

I went from this:

To this:

And aside from my needing to touch up my roots, I bloody loved it! My hair felt thick, shiny and really healthy.

I then decided to go a step further and change up my colour for autumn / winter, thinking a more natural ombré would be just the ticket.

So after a skin test to check my face wouldn't swell up like a puffa fish, I nipped back to the hairdressers and asked her to make me ombré, based on this inspo photo:

She said that she couldn't put an ashy tone onto the bleach as it would go green, so said she'd blend up a slightly warmer colour for the ombré and match it as closely as she could to my natural ashy blonde.

Before she started, I sat in the chair staring into the mirror with that odd little black gown on thinking... you know what this current blonde actually looks really nice! Am I sure I want to do this?

But in an attempt to save my hair from bleach highlights and have a more natural look, I powered on and committed.

What a fucking fool I was.

On day one it didn't look so bad - she'd styled it in wavy curls which I hadn't yet tried with the bob, and with a filter whacked on it, it looked pretty cute.

 (But what you don't see here is me secretly gulping in horror at the VERY warm colour of my roots... it wasn't pretty.)

What I thought would be a more "overall" warm tone was in fact JUST warm roots. I asked my hairdresser about how to tone down the roots, and she advised me to give it a few good washes to ensure there was no colour left on my scalp.

The more I washed it, the more the ombré seemed to wash out, leaving me with more natural looking highlights (but still weirddddly warm roots...)

Ain't no ombré here! (My colour after four vigorous washes.)

I was NOT a happy bunny. 😭🐰And sent photos to my hair dresser to show her the botched barnet. She was shocked to see how quickly the ombré had faded and how warm the roots were still, and booked in another appointment to resurrect my locks. Too scared to go darker, it was back to bleach highlights, my safe zone.

After a full head of highlights my hair felt dry as the Sahara desert, but some serious deep conditions later and I was (kind of) back to where I started. The roots are still gingey here and there (more obviously alongside my ear where you can see where the foils were) but hey, we'll get there eventually.

The moral of the story is follow your gut. I was so chuffed with my bob haircut and did think the original blonde looked pretty damn cute, so I should've stuck with it. I got too adventurous and it seriously backfired, damaging my hair in the process after two dying sesh's. I've been going to the same hairdresser for years and trust her with my hair, but sometimes colour can be unpredictable.

Fingers crossed that soon enough I'll be back to healthier hair and an acceptable colour! But in the mean time, it's back to the deep conditioner and coconut oil masks for me!

Have you had any hair nightmares recently? Are you a fan of the bob? Recommend any great hair masks? Let me know in the comments below!



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