Sunday Funday: The Importance of "me" Days.

Sunday Funday: The Importance of "me" Days.


Hello my loves, well what a beautiful day it's been! The sun has been shining gloriously here in Bath, so much so that my freckles have come out in full force and I'm starting to get that summer feeling! I'm dreaming of cocktails on the beach, sand between my toes, sea salty beach hair... ... Ok maybe not sea salty beach hair 'coz that shit is TANGLY. But you get the picture. β˜€οΈπŸ 

Having had a super busy week at work and a day of doing responsible-adult jobs yesterday (boo, chores are bores), today I fancied a nice day out by myself. Sometimes you just need to take yourself on a lil staycation and have some "me" time, so I got the train into Bath and treated myself to a nice lunch on the rooftop terrace of Hall & Woodhouse.  

Sitting lapping up the rays with a large white wine spritzer in hand, I finally managed to finish my book (A Woman in Berlin) and thoroughly enjoyed my own company, totally relaxing and earwigging some posh toffs' hilarious convos about their daddies' private jets. 

I am a nosy parker when I'm by myself - and lunching out alone is the greatest opportunity to people watch. I find it completely fascinating being so much more aware of your surroundings and picking up on things you'd otherwise miss if you were busy nattering away. They say silence is golden, and it really is. Taking time to relax, be quiet and just breathe opens your eyes and ears to small details, whilst letting you take time to mentally recuperate from the fast-paced strains of life.

Of course, another huge perk about having a day out to yourself is the totally selfish act of shopping. Mooching around for however long you so please without the guilt you usually get when your friend is waiting for you to try on the 50th outfit in Topshop changing rooms is so so great. I went to all of the shops I wanted to go to, didn't dawdle around and got stuck in to some serious vintage and sale rails.

I can't wait to wear this fabulously colourful top this summer! It was Β£9 from the Yellow Shop vintage store.

Shock horror, I took a DANGEROUS step into MAC. Luckily I was stopped from spending ridiculous amounts as half of the things I wanted weren't in stock. But I picked up a couple of lipliners in colours Cherry and Hip'n'Happy - because I just couldn't leave empty handed... I suck at resisting the urge. I'm far too impulsive when it comes to makeup and clothes!  

Speaking of makeup, I love having "me" days where you get a little dolled up without any particular reason to. There's something so lovely about feeling good in your skin and sassing around town! Today was one of those great makeup days. πŸ’„πŸ˜˜  I window shopped around and then got sucked into Urban Outfitters. I tried on a few bits for fun and only ended up buying one thing in the sale despite loving everything I tried on! (I was reigning in my spending at this point because I didn't want my travelling fund to suffer.) I bought the stripes jumper for Β£15 - it'll look great with white skinny jeans for Spring/Summer!

I think perhaps when I'm paid I'll buy this epic melon tshirt because melons are my absolute fave and my childhood nickname was the "melon queen" πŸ‘‘ (no joke). 

I feel like in your mid twenties you really start to appreciate your own company. Lunching out by myself today was by no means an embarrassment but rather a relaxed, enjoyable experience. It made me ask myself why I don't do it more often! I would strongly urge you to make some time for yourself to do whatever helps you to wind down, because after all, it's nice to drown out the noise every now and then.

So from me to you it's bisous! 

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