I got a weave! FAQ's answered!

I got a weave! FAQ's answered!


Hello lovelies! This post is all about my recent hair transformation and will be answering some FAQ's about what has been labelled by some as the "white girl weave", aka, a sew-in track weave on Caucasian hair.

I've been mulling over various forms of hair extensions for quite some time now. My hair is extremely fine and thin and though it's soft and extremely easy to manage I wanted to try and give it a bit more volume and length with the help of some extensions. There's nothing I hate more than fake-looking, poor quality extensions, so I did my research before purchasing the hair!

What brand of hair extensions did you use?

I bought some amazing quality 100% remy hair extensions from Foxy Locks in shade "sandy blonde" and wore them a few times as clip-ins. I purchased the 125g 18-20" set. These came with clips and I wore them a few times on nights out but they were still in great condition so my hairdresser simply removed the clips and was able to use them for my weave.

What is the process?

I wanted to change my colour as well as get the weave, as I was rocking a natural ombré and needed my hair to be re-highlighted in order to match the extensions. So first I had a full head of bleach foils done. My hair was then toned to achieve the ash-blonde colour I wanted.

I had three "tracks" sewn in. Because this is a partial weave not all of my hair needed to be plaited - I only needed three small plaits running along my scalp which the extensions were then sewn into. The plaits are secured in the middle and have to be tight to the head. It is important to get a professional to do this as if the plaits are done too tightly or incorrectly they can cause damage.


Once all of the hair is sewn in it needs to be cut into the desired style. I had mine feathered around the front to blend in better with my natural hair.   


How much did it cost?

Because I had the hair already the cost was kept down for me. I paid £160 for a full head of foils, application of toner colour, insertion of the weave and then the cut and style.

How long does it last?

The weave can last for 6-8 weeks depending on how loose you like it to be. When your hair grows, the plaits get looser and so the hair will need to be resewn in up to two months later.

Does it damage your hair?

I've had mixed responses from my friends who have had weaves before. If a weave is done properly it technically should not damage your natural hair. However, it is crucial that you look after the hair extensions (to prevent matting plait the weave before bed and deep condition from time to time).


It's also important to give your hair a break from the weave now and again to allow your scalp to breathe and to monitor how your hair is coping with the weave. I figure that with any extensions, added weight pulling on your roots isn't ideal so it's a question of not overdoing it. When the weave is taken out often people think their hair has got thinner as they are used to the thickness of the weave.

I'll be doing a follow up post when my weave is taken out to review the process and how healthy my natural hair is looking so keep an eye out for that!

Does it hurt?

The installation process is slightly uncomfortable just because the plaits are quite tight but when the weave is being sewn in it's fine. During the first 24 hours the weave feels quite tight and is uncomfortable to sleep on. It may cause a slight headache at first but this wasn't severe by any means in my experience. It's true that the weave can make your head itch so pat pat pat that weave girlfriend!

How often should you wash it?

You shouldn't need to wash the weave more than twice per week. You can wash the top section of your natural hair more often if needed by putting the weave into a low ponytail and washing the top of your head over the bath. Using dry shampoo is also a lifesaver!

Where did you get it done?

I got my hair done at Ayrton Farley, in Trowbridge by Michaela.

How do you style it?

I've been trying out different hairstyles and my favourite so far is the volumous curls! I can style the hair as I would my own. 


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