Un chignon mignon!

Un chignon mignon!


Today's post will give you the lowdown on how to recreate this stunning, volumous updo with feature curls and NO HEAT DAMAGE (gasps!) So read on for my chignon secret...  First let me give you a little context as to how I stumbled upon this lovely hairdo. 

This post is dedicated to tous les filles avec les cheveux fins (that's all you gals with fine hair!) I know your pains ladies. Us fine-haired gals look upon naturally voluminous hair with a great deal of envy. Yes, we could spend hundreds of pounds of fancy weaves and extensions, but a) ain't nobody got time/money for the high-maintenance hair care that comes with that and b) you can usually see the darn clip-in extensions anyway coz you know what? MY HAIR'S GODDAMN FINE.

My hair is so naturally straight that I don't actually own a pair of straighteners. This may seem like an alien notion in 2016 but alas, it's true. I don't even get great results from straighteners if I use them to curl my hair because it usually slides between the plates so I struggle to create volume. Quel cauchemar! (Nightmare sitch).

All hope isn't lost - my curling wand is my next go-to and does the job pretty well. But, fine hair suffers at the brunt of heat-styling  tools and my silky locks often feel dry after usage (even with heat protector spray/low heat settings).

This is where, at my sheer DELIGHT, I stumbled upon some foam rollers in Wilkinsons for a mere £1! Au revoir heat-damaged locks and bonjour fab foam curlers!  What you'll need to create the look: £1 foam rollers, a scrunchie (which crucially helps to add volume), a backcombing brush, hairspray and some Bobby pins. Simple! 

Step 1: If you've just washed your hair, partially dry it but leave it slightly damp / for second-day hair simply spritz on a little water to slightly dampen. 

Step 2: Part your hair in the desired manner.

Step 3: Start rolling sections of hair up into the foam rollers and bend each end to secure. Smaller sections of hair will create tighter ringlets, larger sections will create loose waves. Continue until all sections of hair are secured with the rollers. Step 4: Accept the fact you look like a bit of a tit and leave hair to air-dry for as long as possible, ideally an hour or two! Spend this time wisely drinking wine / painting nails / doing your makeup etc...

Step 5: Once your hair is completely dry start taking out the rollers. The curls will be quite springy at first so don't be alarmed. (You will look a bit crazy but you should be used to it by now)... Step 6: Slightly back comb curls and roots and set with a little hairspray. Step 7: Tip your head upside down, gather all of your hair using the scrunchie - don't pull the hair all the way through completely like you would a ponytail as you need to leave the end section caught in the bun for the curly detail. Then fasten a bun and adjust to volumise, ensuring that it covers the scrunchie all the way round. 

Step 8: Use Bobby pins where needed to fix any gappy areas and to secure any stray baby hairs. Finish off with a spritz of hairspray! 

  And there you have it.Let me know if you try out this look and don't forget to give PrettyDaring a follow!




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