There's fun to be had in being adventurous - whether it be the clothes you wear, the face you paint or the places you go to. 

Hi, I'm Georgia - a 25 year old Junior Brand Planner with a passion for art, fashion, makeup and travel. Pretty Daring is a blog where I share my love of aesthetic and adventure. 


The finer details:


 You'll find an eclectic collection of vintage, high-street, sequinned and tulle items stashed in my wardrobe - (admittedly I'm a bit of a style chameleon). I love mooching around in charity shops and vintage boutiques picking up unique pieces that catch my eye.



I'm in a life-long love affair with Paris, having spent a year there as part of my English Lit & French degree drinking excellently cheap wine and eating my bodyweight in cheese... Whenever I get the chance, I love exploring new places, and lapping up culture. 



We all like to feel like our best selves, and makeup is an empowering form of self-expression. As an advocate for natural beauty, I love fairly natural looks with a slight edge - whether that be a daring dark lipstick, a vintage twist or a sassy new haircut. Ain't nobody got time for 3 hour long contouring regimes... my tips and tricks are easily achievable for the modern day working woman.



From dating, to sex, relationships, fitness and the arts. I love sharing no frills accounts about life in my twenties. Life's not always a bed of roses, but it sure can be entertaining.